Lubbock REIA brings Scott Carson to West Texas

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Lubbock Real Estate Investors Association

Join Scott Carson and the Lubbock REIA on January 26th from 6 to 9 pm at the new Arbor Hotel Conference Center located at 6401 62nd St. (Just south of Marsha Sharp and Milwaukee) as he presents "The Three F's of Real Estate Note Investing. The Find, Fund and Flip!"

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The Information is PRICELESS

Scott Carson is the Founder and CEO of We Close Notes from Austin, Texas Scott Carson is also a featured speaker and educator at dozen's of investment clubs and real estate workshops across the country. Click on his social media icons to connect with Scott Carson on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

Beverages and Appetizers will be provided.

The Mission of the Lubbock REIA is to provide its members the Networking, Support, Information and Education Opportunities that will further the members ability to successfully invest in real estate.
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This Event has been sponsored by                                                                              Robert Nebb and the Law Offices of Michael H. Carper.                                                      Robert most likely will be attending and have the opportunity to be presented and let the attendees know of his services. Which we encourage.

This is one Real Estate Event you wont want to miss!
See you there!