NE Atlanta Investor Meet Up

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Metro Atlanta area lunch networking event for RE Investors.

Join us for our monthly meet up at Davinci's of Decatur where we discuss strategy, network and more!  Meeting begins at Noon and is held on the Second Tuesday of every month.

If you have any questions please ask them on this thread or send me a message.  Spread the word!

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I'll be there.  Looking forward to it!

Should be able to make this one!

Hey guys, this  is a great opportunity for experience investors as well as new investors. I look forward to it every month. I'm excited to be a part of it. 

I will plan to attend! 

See you there! 

Dammit!  I've really wanted to attend but my timing on these has been horrible.  I've got another conflict but please add me to the invite list.  Hopefully I'll be able to make it in April but knowing my luck it will be scheduled during our Spring Break (week of April 4th btw).  Looking forward to catching you guys one of these months.

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I look forward to attending.

Hello Everyone,  I hope to see as many of you that are able at lunch tomorrow!  This meeting is open to people of all experience levels, locations and interests.  Please feel free to join us or PM me with any questions you might have.  I don't get the updates of when a reply is posted to this thread for some reason.

Tuesday, March 8th


Davinci's of Decatur

@Micah Redden Any plan for April meet up? I will like to attend if it falls on a day am less busy.. 

Hello @Comfort S. !

The next meet up is scheduled for April 12, 2016 at Noon at Davinci's of Decatur.  

We are currently maintaining a 2nd Tuesday of the month rotation during the lunchtime hour.  Look forward to meeting you!

I'll definitely try to make This one @Micah Redden . Is there and RSVP on meetup?

Hey @Will Gandy .  I have not set up anything on  However, Mike Watkins usually posts the meeting info on there for the ones that he has connections with to spread the word.

Count me in!

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