LOS ANGELES Do-It-Yourself Note Re-negotiating, w/Real Examples

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Saving Big by Negotiating with your Lender

DIY your own mortgage note negotiations.

We will teach you the numbers behind a win-win deal with your lender that could save you thousands (or tens of thousands).

Impossible you say?!

This is the power of the time value of money! Using some simple equations and an excel spreadsheet, we will teach you how to accelerate your payments while also preserving your lender’s return. Save tens of thousands and years off of a primary and especially on a secondary mortgage.

Bring in your current mortgage statements, so you can leave with these numbers in hand, ready to call your lender. Whether you make the call or not, learning the time value of money is an essential tool for any serious real estate investor.

Presented by Melissa Dorman, Real Estate Investor, Sharing Economy Expert

Melissa Dorman is a graduate of UCLA with a Master’s in Social Work who is a therapist by day and real estate nerd by night. With years of interest in personal finance, she naturally took up real estate investing as an effective strategy to build passive income and gain financially independence. Her interest are in small multi-family properties and utilizing the sharing economy to increase cap rates.

Please RSVP for this FREE event on our MeetUp page: www.MeetUp.com/HandsOnRealEstate

LOCATION: Keller Williams Realty Marina/LA, 4644 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (Park in Pier 40, across the street with the Tow Away signs, although they haven't been towing since the lot was sold)

NOTE: This is a no-solicitation group focused on learning and networking.

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@Linda Cheng glad you are coming! Who else do you know that would enjoy this?

trying to get an investor friend from Rose City (Pasadena) to participate, but he may not be down with the cross town drive.  😲

Hello @Shannon Shue, newbie in the industry but a sure sponge looking and excited to learn all the information you all have to offer.

Just joined BP, wish I knew about this a few days earlier! shucks!

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