How to Own Real Estate Without Mortgages with VIP Financial

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In this class you will learn to dominate the banks, own multiple properties, eliminate your mortgages in ten years and start with very little cash flow.

VIP Financial Education classes teach real estate investors how to accomplish the following:

  • Maximize monthly cash flow and increase access to capital
  • Accelerate the acquisition of assets, including investment real estate
  • Accelerate the elimination of liabilities
  • Increase credit scores organically
  • Build emergency reserves

Our Expert Speaker:

Over the past fifteen years, national consultant, speaker and educator, Mr. Matthew Pillmore has presented financial education nationally for and in front of countless real estate organizations. He speaks nationally on the topics of credit scoring, debt elimination, fiscal responsibility and strategic cash flow maximization. Mr. Pillmore has studied under the founders of the FICO credit scoring system. We have countless testimonials and references from previous REIA owners, managers and attendees that can attest to the value of the education provided by VIP Financial Education.

All educational content is provided free of charge. There is no “selling from the stage” or solicitation by the speaker. The class will last approximately 50 minutes plus time for questions. VIP is not a financial advisor, nor do they sell any financial products. VIP has been providing free financial education for over 15 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

“If you’re serious about your business this is a must see class!”

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