“Fix & Flip Fortunes, Part 2 – Valuation & Deal Analysis”

-MONDAY, April 11th, 2016 @ 7 pm, Pensacola Bay Center –

There’s an old adage in real estate that says, “you make your money when you BUY real estate, not when you sell.” You REALIZE your profit when you sell, but the truth is that if you don’t BUY it right in the first place, there will never be a profit at the end to realize. That’s why this month’s PIG meeting is absolutely CRITICAL to your long term success, and one you shouldn’t even think about missing!

Of all the creative real estate investing strategies, perhaps the most popular and exciting is “rehabbing” or fixing and flipping houses. For years now, cable television shows have depicted the highs and lows of renovating real estate for profit. But while the major mishaps and expensive mistakes highlighted on these shows might make for interesting television, they could financially ruin a beginner or intermediate investor, and drive them out of the business altogether.

So, at this month’s PIG meeting, Matt Robinson (PIG Founder and Head Instructor) will be sharing some of his tips and tricks on determining a properties value, as well as how to perform a basic analysis on a potential renovation deal to see if it’s worth pursuing.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn at this powerful workshop…

—> How to Accurately Determine a Property’s Value WITHOUT Calling an Appraiser

—> How to Avoid the Top Mistakes Investors Make when Estimating Value

—> How to Effectively Use Your Local Property Appraiser Website to Research Potential Rehabs

—> How to Determine Whether a Deal Will Qualify for Private or Hard Money Lending

—>And SO much more!

Grab your smart phone and mark your calendars for MONDAY, APRIL 11th at 7 PM (Registration and networking at 6:30 PM) in Pensacola at the Pensacola Bay Center.

This meeting is free for all 1st time visitors and members, so INVITE A FRIEND, and come join us! Directions & Maps Available at the Links Below:

Map to Pensacola Meeting Facility