Louisville, Kentucky Meetup

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I just scheduled another get together.  This is a relaxed atmosphere and it's easy to meet people and talk shop.  We'll also be talking about wholesaling fundamentals and what buyers want from their wholesalers. 

Thursday the 19th works well for me. Count me in.

I'm in barring any unforeseen conflicts arising.

I hope to be there.


I have been wanting to come to this meet! May 19th, when and where?


@Reece O'Bryan  

Time of Event: 05/19/2016 at 06:30PM 

Location: 101 Bullitt Ln., Suite 110, Louisville, KY 40222 

Hope you can make it.

Great! I'm in.

I'l be there. Sorry I missed the last one. Pulled my first all nighter getting the house ready for Airbnb.

I'll be back in Louisville that week and will be there.  Looking forward to meeting everybody!

I'll try to catch the next one, my real job is gonna have me hostage that night :P

The topic is going to be an overview of wholesaling and what buyers want from their wholesaler.  

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