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Come take ACTION with Chicago Action Investors (CAI)

Yes this group is all about kicking A.S.S! No sitting, no quitting, no deliberation, or hesitation, just swift and calculated strategies to take you from starter to MASTER on your REI journey.

Starting out as a Real Estate Investor can be a lonely time filled with doubt and insecurity. You know where you want to get to but have no road map to get you there.

You’ve spent hours reading books and blogs, picked up every podcast possible and networked with other newbies and pros at your local REI club. But still, you haven’t analyzed a deal or made an offer, closed a transaction or sourced financing!

But that’s all about to CHANGE right NOW if you’re ready to take ACTION!

CAI meets up every Saturday on the south side of Chicago to analyze prospective properties for deals. Our goal is to form partnerships to close on these deals in a short but realistic timeframe. It’s a great way for newbies to get started in Real Estate Investing using no money down techniques.

A well-structured joint venture is the only sure way to get in on solid opportunities to increase your bottom line.

Collectively, we are much more powerful and capable than any one individual could ever dream of becoming on their own. And that is why we’ve teamed up with experienced investors and created a ready-to-go system that creates a powerful opportunity for you to build more wealth.

Working with a team of like-minded individuals with the same goals and objectives is the ultimate leveraging tool to increase gains and expand your real estate portfolio.

The benefits of belonging Chicago Action Investors

• Get started with Real Estate Investing using no money down techniques

• Take ACTION and execute your first deal in weeks not months

• Get aligned with our Ready-to-go team of RE Investors, Contractors, Closing Agents and Attorneys

• Learn how to analyze deals and make offers on flips, buy and hold, and even commercial property

• Get hands-on education and take ACTION in-the-field with our weekly meet-ups

• Access funding without collateral (subject to one-on-one tel. pre-screening that I personally carry out)

• Keep motivated, stay focused, get supported and close deals confidently with the help of experienced mentors

• Build a solid, personable network with like-minded investors

Get out of your comfort zone and REALIZE your REI GOALS by takingACTION with Chicago Action Investors

Shoot me an email on BP to schedule a one on one telephone call today and/or receive location details for Saturday's meet.


Michelle 💜

@Michelle Williams,

I am newbie to Real Estate and is interested in learning more about your group. Please send me more details about attending upcoming events. 

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