Hans on total rehab Meetup: Before, During & After. Charlotte NC

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Over 70 investors were out for this first meetup. 2nd meetup is for the midpoint of the rehab

Purpose: To educate and network with both new and experienced investors through an actual rehab project.

Rehab home is a 2100 sq. ft. 3/2 brick ranch with a full gut rehab. Home is located in the Coulwood Subdivision. Take the Mt. Holly exit off I-485. 178 Enwood Dr.

We will begin with a review of Meetup #1, How to determine this ARV, How to determine the Rehab Budget in detail, How to purchase a house like this. ACTUAL numbers will be shared.

This is Meetup # 2 of 3. Project started with first meetup, pre rehab. This meetup (August 27th) will be 4 weeks into the project, Midpoint. Come see what the actual work we previously discussed looks like. (Meetup #3- Finish Product is scheduled for Oct 1st , five weeks latter)

1. What Surprises did we find when we opened up walls and tore down others? 

2. How is the Rehab budget affected?

3. Design changes? 

4. How are we doing on timeline?

Come learn about the rehab process if you want to Flip, Wholesale, Retail or Turnkey Invest.

Open to all investors , wholesalers, rehabbers or those who desire to learn to be.

Event being hosted by Builder/ Rehabber/ Investor Jeff Johnson of NewPath Properties and Don Harris, Investor.

Please RSVP to Jeff Johnson at NewPath [email protected] Phone 704-488-8332  or to

Don Harris , [email protected] Phone 704-962-0979

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New member from Charlotte here. Sounds like this event will be a fabulous introduction to the BiggerPockets community here in CLT! Hope I'm not too late in RSVPing.

Thanks to the 50 + - investors who came out this morning , hope it was helpful for you in your real estate business. We will aim for Oct 1st for the final reveal, we will post the date for confirmation in BP. 

I would like to thank everyone who put this meet up together. It was very informative and eye opening. I would recommend to anyone to go to the third meet up to see how the rehab turns out. There were lots of tips being shared that are unique to the local area. Once again thank you guys for putting this together.