Albuquerque Apartment Investor Breakfast Club (Monthly)

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Interested in apartment investing? So are a lot of us in Albuquerque and Santa Fe! That's why we've formed the Apartment Investor Breakfast Club Join us on September 9 at 08:00 at a restaurant in central Albuquerque. (See Meetup group for location.) 

  • This month's topic: "APODs, Cash Flow, & IRR: How To Correctly Value Multifamily Properties." 
  • The talk begins at 08:30; show up at 08:00 if you'd like to network with fellow investors, brokers, property managers, etc. 
  • The talk will be followed by a "Haves and Wants" discussion from the floor. 
  • Future meetings will be held on the 2nd Friday of each month at 8:00am and the locations will be announced on 
  • The September meeting is free, but we'll be charging $10.00 for future meetings...which will be donated to the charity of the speaker's choice. 
  • Sponsored by investors: We will NOT be selling anything or pushing any vendors or products at these meetings, and we ask attendees to not promote any commercial activities during the public portions of the meetings. (What you do in the one-on-one networking portion is up to you.) 
  • For the latest multifamily news and discussion, see our Facebook page: UPDATED DAILY!

Our first Albuquerque Apartment Investor Breakfast Club meetup was AWESOME! We had 13 people turn out, and the table really couldn't have held more. (There are chairs around the walls of the room, so more can fit.) But we're going to have at least one more meeting there before we decide if we need to change venues.

I gave a talk about how to value multifamily buildings, and there was a lot of great discussions on that topic and several others. Two appraisers, a Realtor and a property manager who is president of the NM Apartment Association were there, with the rest being investors: Both experienced and new, both passive and active investors. We couldn't have asked for a greater mix. The food was good, too. (If you'd like a copy of the 5-page discussion about valuing multifamily buildings that I handed out to the group, please email me at [email protected])

Afterwards, six of us went to look over a possible 8-plex deal that involves both a foreclosure and a private seller. It was great to strategize with others on a rehab and business plan for the asset. Amazing ideas happen when you get six smart people thinking at once!

Next meeting is Oct. 14 at 8am at the same location: Weck's at 4500 Osuna Rd. NE. Tell your boss you can't come in until 10:00. It'll be worth it. This next one is going to cost $10 each (plus breakfast), with the proceeds going to the charity of the speaker's choice. Please RSVP and pay your $10 at As for speakers, we are hoping to have someone from the property management side of the industry. Upcoming speakers at following meetings will include representatives from the insurance, brokerage, lending, and appraisal sectors...and hopefully plenty more experienced and new investors.

Hope to see you next month!

Marc Coan,
Multifamily Partners LLC
[email protected]

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