DFW BP Meetup! Weds. Oct. 26th 7:00 pm

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Please RSVP http://www.meetup.com/DFW-REI-Network-Investing-Me... We provide food and drinks so your RSVP will help us plan accordingly.

You won't want to miss this months meeting. Not only is it our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! We also have an awesome speaker Josh Buck. www.joshbuckinc.com He is a motivational and empowerment speaker as well as a successful investor since 2005. Learn how to maximize profit and minimize risks, how to set up a system to push deals to you with good margins in today's markets, he does not teach an equation like many of the gurus because markets change along with returns, repairs, etc... he teaches how to evaluate the deals so that it can be manipulated in any market, in any location site unseen. The meetings are interactive and all your questions are welcome. We are very casual, this is a social networking group and no one will be there trying to sell you anything. We have a lot of fun and learn a lot. Everyone is welcome and there is no charge but please RSVP so we can plan accordingly for food and drinks. Our location, food and drinks are provided by our sponsors, Independence Title (A Randall Camacho PLLC) and Josh Buck.

See you Wednesday 26th!

hello I am interested in future meetings at Colleyville Center or nearby, what is coming up in near future?

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