Downers Gove RE Meet up @ Emmett's Brewing Company

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Downers Grove Meetups are starting up again. Please arrive at 6:30. We will be having introductions from 7 - 730 followed by networking. Please let @Geoff Anderman or myself know if you have any questions and please post if you plan to attend. Thanks and see you all soon.

Mike and Geoff

is This on The meetup app? Would Love To go...


I plan to attend this meeting.

Thank you!

Will there be another meet up soon as well?

I will be attending! See you Wednesday.

@Michael Barbari

How's the parking in Downtown DG after business hours? Wanted to attend a lunchtime meet up, but couldn't find any parking within a walking distance I could handle

@David Dachtera There is a large parking lot right across from our meet up. Never had a problem. It's at the tail end of downtown. 

@Stephany Trombello We plan to have this meeting monthly on the third Wed/Thursday of each month. We'll post on here as well as our group on Join the group to receive updates.

Looking forward to a great turnout!

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