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  • 11/12/16 03:00PM
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Hey everyone, 

Let's get all the area BPrs together for an introductory luncheon. No fees or sales pitches, let's just figure out who we are & what potential partnerships/relationships can be formed. Hope to see you there! 

I'd love to, but I'll be out of the state at that time.   Hopefully the next one!

Oh, too bad. You're one of the ones I was hoping to meet! In any case, I'm really quite flexible on the dates and times. I was just taking the bull by the horns and setting something up  and then checking to see what everybody else's schedule was. We'll see what the overall response looks like and go from there.


Hey Tim, love the idea.  I am going to try to move some things around on that Saturday so that I can make it. I'll keep you updated. 


Sounds good - looking forward to it.

I'm a maybe, have some schedule conflicts that I'm trying to work around. Sorry I can't be more definitive. 

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this time around.

Would love to attend the meetup Saturday but can't make this date.

Hey Tim,

I'm still down to meet up for a beer.

@Tim Jones Sounds good, please keep us posted. I would love to attend a meetup!

Can't make it this time around but with more advanced notice I would love to make it to the meeting. Keep us posted for the next meeting. A great weekend to all!

Is this group looking to do a regular meeting, say monthly? I would love to meet up. I can provide my experience and expertise, but I am also very interested in learning from other investors. 

Hi @Account Closed ,

You're more than welcome to join in! As you can see, I started this thread to find and meet all the local players. I've set up 2 meetups in the last few months but the response has been lackluster. Perhaps it's my fault as the first was Veteran's Day and the second was New Year's Day. I'm meeting one of the local individuals tomorrow here at IHOP on Olive Ave @ 11. You and any others are more than welcome to attend. I know it's last minute but I've all but given up on trying to get a group together. Hopefully 2017 will bring with it a renewed sense of urgency and interest.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


@Tim Jones unfortunately I have a meeting during that time here in Turlock but I would definitely be interested in any future meetings. I would also be willing to meet up for coffee and talk. I can always travel to Merced. Let me know.


I'm new to BP. I'm thinking ahead on investing in property in Merced. My son is 5 years old and going on 6. We live in Modesto and are originally from the SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley. My son may end up at UC Merced in 12-13 years from now and time flies.

Please let me know when the next meet up will be. Saturday afternoons at 2 PM would be best for me.

Thank you!


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