Tulsa Meetup

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  • 11/03/16 06:00PM
  • McNellie's South City, 7031 S. Zurich Ave, Tulsa, OK. 74136
  • Free

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Sorry I'm late scheduling another Tulsa meetup, but here we go! Next Thursday, November 3rd, 6pm at McNellie's South. Hope everyone who was there last time can make it again. Also looking foward to meeting some new investors.

The last two meetups have been great! This time I'll try to do a better job of making introductions and giving everyone a chance to share their background a bit. Come ready to tell what you're working on!

Remember to bring some business cards and a few extra bucks to chip in to cover the cost of the room.

See everyone there!

Reminder that the next Tulsa, Oklahoma meetup is next Thursday, November 3rd at 6pm at McNellie's South. Please RSVP above if you plan on coming.

I plan on being there for a little bit. Will it be in the back room or the side room as you come in the door? 

I'll be there.  Thanks for setting this up.

count me in 

Hey Ryan, I'm new to BP, but have been doing REI for quite some time. Can you tell me a little about this meeting? I will try to make it. Where at the restaurant will this be held?

@John Kunick , these meetings are pretty informal. We meet in the large private room in the back of McNellie's, some of us have drinks and dinner, and we talk about what we're doing in real estate. The last two we've done have been fun and excellent opportunities to network. 

Count me in.  May bring a couple others with me.  Like the networking opportunities.

Hi I'm looking for properties in this area, can anyone help? primarily off market. turnkey and rehabs. thanks

Count me and two other investors in!

Another reminder that we're doing a Tulsa, Oklahoma meet up this Thursday. Please RSVP above if you plan on attending. Thanks!

good evening  are rookie investors welcome or is this for seasoned investors only

I am scheduled to work that evening but I'm going to do my best to try and make it. 

@Jim Roach us rookies are more than welcome.  It's a good crowd with a mix of experience / backgrounds.

Thanks for the info, I am planning on being there.

Sorry, I missed the last one. I will be at tomorrow's meeting.

Tulsa, Oklahoma meetup tonight! RSVP above if you haven't done so already. See everyone there.

Sorry for the last minute RSVP but I can actually make it tonight! Looking forward to it :)

I'm in.  Bought first rental this year and trying to figure out best way to acquire next 2, 3, etc., over the next couple of years. 

Can't make it tonight unfortunately. Hope you all have good discussions and @Ryan Ahlgrim , maybe in future meet-ups we can put together a contact list that we can build out in Google Forms or something where we can share our information and good local contacts (lenders, CPA, etc), contractors, skilled labor etc. I know that there is a number of expertise represented in this group that is meeting up consistently and figure it may be good to have a more local list of contacts who are willing to answer questions about a specific topic, etc.

Just some thoughts, have a good time!

@Michael Tapia , bummer man. Let's try grabbing lunch in the next week or two. Good idea on the contact list. I'll be sure to bring one tonight.

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