Is Funding Holding You Back

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  • 11/16/16 06:00PM
  • 9 S Main st, Cape May Court House NJ 08210
  • Free

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Is funding holding you back?

Come join Anchored Homes and learn how we've added over 20 private money lenders to our network in just 6 months!

We will also have special guest speaker Chris Baylison and Rick Marione from the law offices of PMB&B to share their knowledge, experiences and services in the world of real estate investing!

If you haven't already please visit facebook and search for our group: South Jersey Rehab and join! There is a link in the pinned post to share your contact information so I can share the tools I use everyday in my business.

I can't wait for to see you guys again!

John Paul

any options for foreign nationals?

We can absolutely see if you qualify to lend on our deals! I'll PM you to get more details and see if we make a good fit for each other.

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When you say what about Florida are you asking if there are private money lenders in Florida?
This meetup group will be in south jersey next month.

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