Design Driven Rehab in Park Hills Heights

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  • 11/05/16 11:00AM
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • $20

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How the art of design and architectural features sells over asking.

It is common for flippers to use the same over-used templates from their own stock and previous portfolio ideas. This causes visual fatigue for buyers and drastically reduces their choices, while prices are increasing despite the quality of the final products.

What You Will Learn?

At this Meet-up we will have the opportunity to investigate the renovation case study of a post-war bungalow (1,100SF, 2bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 car garage) in the heart of Park Hills Heights.

This project is a good example of design-driven budgeting, in which Paola Vezzulli (the owner and investor) carefully kept the original character of the house and simultaneously introduced contemporary spaces and details. Paola will present different strategies in which high-resolution design can be applied to a small flip, with the same logic in which it is applied to much larger projects. We will discuss ways in which investors without design background can learn by doing and by collaborating.

Paola will touch upon the value of the design-build process, the value of building a team and how to manage a project from A to Z in order to control the final results.

During this Meet-up we will also cover the process of procuring the property, how to analyze the returns and rehab costs.

About The Presenter/Investor

Paola is an Architect by training and an Italian designer living and practicing in the United States since 1999. Paola’s strengths are in strategic planning for project developments, design and management. She is highly engaged in all aspects of contemporary design and an expert in how hybrid thinking informs the design process.

Before founding Field Collective, for twelve years, she worked on high profile projects at internationally recognized firms like Neil Denari Architects and Frank Gehry Partners. Paola is also a passionate educator and design mentor, who has been teaching in various Architecture schools in the Los Angeles area.

After being an active player in the field of construction for many years, since this year Paola has started to work on her own investment projects and to bring design teaching and mentoring outside the academia.

At this meet up, we will review:

- Finding the Property

- Acquisition and rehab costs

- Design strategies

- Renovation being done

- Re-selling the property

Come prepared to get a hands-on look at the final stages of this rehab project. We recommend you wear covered shoes and be ready for a construction environment.

Afterwards, we will meet at:

Post & Beam Cafe, 3767 Santa Rosalina Dr, LA 90008

Here we will network and talk about our needs and wants as Real Estate Investors.


11:15am - 12:30pm: Tour the rehabbed home, review financials and acquisition.

12:45pm-1:30pm: Meet and Greet over lunch. Note, lunch is not required nor included.

$20 will be collected at the door, please be ready with cash or a credit card.

The address to the rehabbed property will be given via TEXT message and Meet Up message. Two hours before the MeetUp, we will be more reachable by text, so if you are lost please text us.

RSVP here:

Hi there, I am unclear about the address - where do we meet? Cheers Sebastian 

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