Maximizing Rental Revenue Through Airbnb

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Our first event this month, join us! Sam and Jeanne Valme, two local agents with Customer Realty, have created a new leasing

model utilizing Airbnb. At this meeting, Sam and Jeanne will walk us through the purchase,
renovation, and the management of their Airbnb in Manassas, VA.

I will try to attend, thank you for putting this together. 

I will try to come up from Richmond.  It may be tricky on that night though.

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth.  Great topic that needs more coverage!

Will you by any chance have a recording or some slides you could share with a poor soul from Atlanta who will not be able to make in person?

Great idea Andrew!! I was hoping a live or recorded webinar would be an option!!

Thats interesting.  I have thought about doing that with one of my rentals that isn't performing well.  I won't be able to make the meeting, but I would be interested in connecting with them.  I'm just down the road.

Hi! We actually are helping investors do this in our market in the Washington DC metro area, to be able to make better returns than they get with longer-term rentals.  I believe this event was on Facebook Live and one of my agents, Sam, can help since he recorded it. 

@Sam Valme can you help send the link to this group? 

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