Mastering Real Estate Wealth

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  • 11/04/16 07:00PM
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Free

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Build retirement wealth in years not decades.

On Friday November 4th, 7pm @ the Idaho Falls Airport Restaurant

free parking in the short term lot

Anyone can do real estate investing (REI), I'll say that again. Anyone can do real estate investing!

Most likely you are or have already have been involved with REI in some form. And more than likely you have all the resources needed to become a successful real estate investor.

Learn how to leverage your resources into building passive income, creating a retirement lifestyle in years not decades.

At this event we will discuss:

How to Find the Deals - Find the deals that will make you money!
How to Fund the Deals - How to leverage other people's money and credit and find partners!

Wheeling & Dealing! - That's right, let's network and mastermind actual deals with each other!

Come learn how you can create wealth through real estate and give you and your family the life you deserve!

Other topics covered:

Compassionate Financing - Lease to own with purchase option

Buy Rehab Rent Refinance Repeat

Limitless Real Estate Community

Investors working together to grow personal wealth

Unique tools and education opportunities to succeed in REI.

Free event

Located in Airport Restaurant

2140 N Skyline Dr, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

refreshments will 

be served

Free parking in airport short term lot

VIP Free HB copy of Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth signed by Kris Krohn a $21.95 Value.

A private strategy session to breakthrough your limits, and find the resources you already possess. $500 Value

VIP Plus also includes 2 tickets to a Limitless 3 day event in Provo, UT$499 Value

Hey, are you doing anything like this soon? Or would you like to meet up some time?

definitely Nephi, I lead a real-estate community called The Limitless Real-estate Community.  We have 157 members, we do weekly conference calls, and monthly all day trainings.

I'm in Utah this weekend, but would love to meet up.  

[email protected]

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