Atlanta area: Wholesaling mentorship class opening up

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The Georgia REIA is launching our Wholesaling mentorship, 2 months long with an additional 1 month of deal help.

Signup at:{d%20%272017-01-19%27}

This Fast Track to Cash Program is Designed for the New Investor Who Desires to Get Into the Booming Real Estate Business and Start Making Money Immediately!

Plan to Do Your First Deal With Us During This 90 Days!!

**Are you tired of living from pay check to pay check?

**Are you a single mom who needs extra cash?

**Are you ready to say good-bye to your J.O.B.?

If you said “YES”, this 60 day program is just right for you!

This Wholesaling Business in a Box System includes:

access to contracts, funding, scripts...

In our 60 day coaching program you will learn:

  • How to remove negative beliefs about money and start creating the mindset to win in the real estate business
  • How to talk to sellers
  • How to analyze your deals
  • How to market for motivated sellers
  • The art of negotiating the deal
  • What to look for when driving for dollars
  • How to structure your contracts and exit clauses
  • How to find the right buyers for your properties
  • How to find the right attorney to do business with you
  • When to use an assignment to sell your property
  • When to double close on a property
  • How to work with real estate agents
  • How to keep your pipeline streaming with seller leads
  • How to use transactional funding
  • How to hire a virtual assistant
  • How to launch your buyer and seller websites

Program Dates - Thursdays

Jan 5 - Intro Call #1 (free of charge & recorded), 7p-8p

Jan 12 - Intro Call #2 (free of charge & recorded), 7p-8p

Jan 19 - In person class, 7p-9p

Feb 2 - In person class, 7p-9p

Feb 16 - In person class, 7p-9p

Mar 2 - In person class, 7p-9p

Mar 16 - In person class, 7p-9p

Mar 17 - Apr 17 - BONUS: Additional 30 Days Coaching Included!!!

About The Coach

LaShannon White has been on the Path of Entrepreneurship since 1997. Leading up to that point, she had traded eight years of her life to Peachtree Staffing Services. From 1997-2004 LaShannon was the Owner / Operator of Sunshine Staffing Services.

LaShannon’s Story

I was bitten by the real estate bug in 2004. I was determined to change my life. I closed my staffing agency and settled for a very small profit, just be able to walk away. The profit was only enough to live on for a month, so you can imagine my stress level at the time. With a husband who wasn’t making much money, and a little girl whom I loved so much, I knew my life could not become a success if I did not take massive action to make changes in my life.

There's more of Shannon's amazing story at this URL:{d%20%272017-01-19%27}

Do you get all of the classes for the price of $997? Are these the only dates?

Its a 2 month mentorship with support for another month to partner or help on deals.   I've seen students still split or partner on deals for some time afterward until they feel they have their wings.  All dates shown are included in the mentorship.

I have personally been involved with LaShannon and her house flips and we are currently working with several of her students in order to get their deals funded!  

WOW what a lucky comment on this David.  Thanks for letting us know.  I've been around the block,, and I've never met anyone like LaShannon.  She's an incredible achiever and force making for a coach who gets results from her students.

Can she help to find deals?

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