Construction Tour of Modular Home

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Calling on all BP members who want a construction tour of the modular house that I am currently building. The construction tour is being hosted by AIA Northern Virginia as part of Architecture Week. You can find out more at this link, Modular House Construction Tour. On their website you can register for the tour (it is not necessary but appreciated). It takes place between 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. I will be giving tours every 15-20 minutes discussing what I learned by using various prefabricated and energy efficient systems. 

You can view my website to see my daily blog on what has been accomplished in the last 71 days. 

BP Members,

I just found out from AIA NOVA who is hosting this event that the registration is closed as the number of registered people has reached it's cap. However, if you would like to attend please contact me and I will make sure you can get in. After all I'll be giving the tours and I want to make sure that the BP community is given a chance to attend the construction tour.

Very cool project @Eric Teran ! If I was in the area, I would definitely come by for a tour. Checked out your blog as well - interesting snapshots and insights into the trials and tribulations of building new construction. Looking forward to seeing photos of your finished project!