Investing MEETUP with David Greene

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Come learn what systems David has put in place, how he analyzes property, and how he grows his wealth through real estate and get a better look at it's power to transform your life!

As a speaker, author, blog writer, coach, agent, home flipper, buy and hold investor, and entrepreneur, David has committed himself to the study of real estate and it's power to grow wealth.

David is a police officer turned real estate agent and investor who has become a regular contributor to Having bought his first property in CA in 2009, David moved on to buying in other states and has created an easily replicated system he uses to build teams. David now holds property in CA, AZ, WI, FL, AK, TX, and GA and plans to continue buying real estate in every market he can.

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Hey David,

Just attended your BRRRR meetup tonight and loved it. Thanks a ton for putting it on, it was well worth the drive from SF. Coincidentally your latest podcast popped on during my drive home and I’m now doubly looking forward to picking up your book on out of state investing.

Cheers and thanks for the great presentation. Please add me to your list for any future meet ups, particularly on out of state investing!

Chad Eatinger

Got excited there was a local Meetup later this month, then quickly realized it was 2017!  LOL  :-)  @David Greene, are there any possible bay area meetups to come in 2018?   Just found BP & the podcasts. I'm a former KW coach, trainer and realtor and getting the bug later than I'd like for REInvesting yet jumping into out-of-state with ferocious drive to succeed and share this legacy with my daughters!

@David Greene Hey David have been looking into Realestate and I think I really want to get into wholesaling and flipping. As a beginner and just turning 21 I have saved up 15 K and have been thinking of doing a no money down. What would be your best reccomendation for starting out in this Seller’s market. Is it better to go no money down.

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