DATE: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

TIME: 6 p.m. Networking, 7 p.m. Presentation

PLACE: El Camino Country Club, Oceanside, CA

John Schaub

Building Wealth One House at a Time

Have you ever thought about what it means to be truly financially free? For most, it means having enough passive income to cover your expenses — freeing you to do what you want, when you want. So how do you become financially free? Although strategies differ from person to person, for most investors wealth building through real estate investing typically starts with a single house. And then two. And then three…and so on. Join us this month where famed real estate educator John Schaub discusses:

• How to Buy a House in an Expensive Market that Will Actually Cash Flow

• Choosing Houses That Will Net You the Most Money

• How Long Will Houses Continue to be Good Investments?

• Negotiating the Most Profitable Terms When You Buy

• Borrowing Without Personal Risk at Terms That Guarantee You a Profit

• Funding Down Payments and Negative Cash Flow

• Managing Houses While Traveling the World

Don’t miss this Extremely Rare Opportunity to see one of the true Pioneers of Real Estate Investing and Education!

If you are a member of NSDREI and attend the meeting on the September 19, you will be eligible to win one of two free tickets to John Schaub’s seminar in Costa Mesa on September 23. Place your business card in the basket on the member's check-in table when you check in; the drawings will be at the end of the program.

About the Speaker:

John Schaub has survived and prospered during four recessions, five tax law changes and mortgage rates ranging from 3 to16% in his 35+ years as a real estate investor. His 2016 best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, 2nd edition, assisted more than 100,000 real estate enthusiasts on their way to successful investing. John buys, sells and manages his own properties, and enjoys providing quality housing at fair prices for working families in his community. He teaches the seminarBuilding Wealth One House at a Time each year where students learn how to identify the best