New Central NY Monthly Meetup - 1st Tues

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Building on the success of a recent meetup of several BP'ers in Central NY, and the lack of a casual exchanging of REI ideas and knowledge in a conversational format in the area with the intent of actually learning from each other and helping each other succeed, I've decided to start this group and have a regular monthly meeting on the first Tues of every month.

This is geared toward all of us learning from each other regardless of our experience level. There will be no membership fee and no "selling picks and shovels to miners" or other "sales pitches" but rather an informal get-together to talk about REI in the region, what's going on, best contacts to get stuff done and how to maximize deals for everyone.

There are a number of us who are very experienced and skilled and many who are newbies trying to learn and figure this stuff out. All are welcome who are interested in knowledge sharing, not knowledge hoarding/selling. Networking and sharing knowledge are critical to success in REI and I hope to maximize both in an informal gathering over a beverage of choice.

Our next meeting will be on Tues, Oct 3rd at 7pm, location TBD. Our last one was held at Coleman's, which worked fine but I'm looking for suggestions on where to hold future ones so hit me up with your thoughts on a decent place, quiet enough to hear each other talk and room to grow our numbers, preferably with low prices! ;) I'll post the location soonest based on input received. All other thoughts and suggestions on how to make this the best REI event in the area are welcome!



Rob Sawyer, Founder/CEO, CNY Vets Enterprises LLC

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This networking meetup will be held in Syracuse but is open to any RE investors in Upstate New York including Albany, Rochester, Utica, Rome, Watertown, Binghamton, Cortland, Ithaca, Auburn and all points in between. It will be great to learn about the market in your own areas.

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For those that may have missed it, we will meet in the lobby bar at the Aloft Inner Harbor, 310 Kirkpatrick St. in Syracuse at 7pm on Tues., 10/3. Looking forward to a great meeting!

You're welcome David!  Should be a great meeting...the first of many!  I'm still nailing down a location for it so all suggestions welcome!

@David Zuber and @Todd Jobson - Glad you guys will make the meetup. Since Coleman's back on Sep 10th went so well with just a few of us ( @Will Chamberlin , @Steven G Barrett , @Jamie Heath , @Brian Barfoot and @Susan Reid to name a few ) I want to keep that momentum going in the area so we'll meet in the lobby bar of the Aloft Hotel at the Inner Harbor (310 W Kirkpatrick St, Syracuse, NY) at 7pm on Tues, 10/3 for this next meeting.

Feel free to let your other area REI contacts know (BPers or those with a BP sharing attitude) and/or bring them along. Look forward to seeing you there!

@Pat Goodyear - Thanks for the suggestion Pat! I'll look into it as a conference room might work well. There's free street parking right in front of Aloft so that shouldn't be a problem but we'll see how it goes on this first one and adjust from there.  

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you there!

Hello all!! My name is Nate Armstrong and I'm a real estate agent and aspiring real estate investor. I've met a few of you already in person and was really impressed. I know I have a long way to go but I'll get there. It's just really inspiring to see people doing what I want to do and being successful at it!! @Rob Sawyer I'm glad you started this up!! Hopefully I can attend the next one. Please let me know if it will be the first Tuesday of November. I'm looking forward to it. I'm ready to get going!! Thanks and look forward to meeting everyone!!

Hey @Nate Armstrong .  Glad to have you onboard! 

Our last meetup was a great success with about 10 of us in attendance as the evening went along. We'll have our next one at Aloft Inner Harbor again at 7pm on Tues 11/7. 

This time, I'll have an attendance sheet with basic contact info so people can contact others afterwards as they see fit to collaborate and help get deals done. Not mandatory, just if you want to network some more.

For those that attended, please let me know of changes to the meetup that might be helpful to make it more productive for everyone. Also, anyone can invite other investors, on BP or not, who share the common goal of collaborative sharing and learning so we can all do more deals.

Hope to see all of you at Aloft on the 7th!