South Austin and Surrounding Areas - Meetup

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  • 10/26/17 07:00PM
  • NXNW - Gastropub
  • Free

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Meetup to discuss investing in South Austin and surrounding areas.  We have had new people show up at every meeting and I look forward to having it grow.  As we grow we will build more structure into the meetings so feel free to pitch ideas on how to improve the meetings and if nothing else come have a drink and meet other like minded people. DM me for info, I will have a table set up for us.

North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery - Slaughter  

5701 W Slaughter Ln D, Austin, TX 78749

Newbie from Austin, TX   looking to learn as much as I can before I jump in with both feet.

@Aziz Raji I live just South of Austin

I will be there. Looking forward to it.

Thanks, Eric - looking forward to it! 

I have to stay with the kiddos, my husband will be there! Thanks, Eric!

Hi Eric, I plan to attend on Thursday with my wife, assuming her schedule permits.  We own a 1/4 acre in 78704 with a 780sf house and room to build a large condo.  We're hoping that this property could give us a large(to us) profit that will allow us to scale our real estate business.    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting new connections! See you there

Looks like a lot of attention going around about this.  Unfortunately, I have to handle some last minute matters for my day job and have had to travel out of town, unable to attend tonight.  

I spoke with Madelyn Miser who works with NWNW in sales/marketing and is happy to set something up for us, I have asked her if this is possible for tonight but I would encourage you to ask for her tonight.

@David Ferrette @Doug Watts @Taylor Patterson @Scott Kujak @David Ivy if any of you guys attend tonight do you mind setting some things up and making sure everyone has a great time? Now that it looks like this group is gaining some traction we should start finding a consistent spot and talking to Madelyn about booking a room.

Again, so sorry I can't make this but excited to see a lot of posts and new people interested!

Sorry to hear you won’t make it but I still plan on going so I hope it’s still productive. 

Hey everyone Madelyn Miser just got us into the Yukon room. Just tell the hostees you’re with BP

Hi All,

I just wanted to follow up on last night and thank everyone for coming. It was a good turnout and I think there was a lot of productive conversation. I hope everyone took home some new information from last night.

I just wanted to share some of the links I discussed last night. The openly available data I mentioned is available at where you can constrain the data to what you want and then buy that data from them. Again the issue with this is that same data is available to everyone. I have started working with @Jerry Holt who does real data mining and will generate one off lists for customers based on the criteria you want. As I mentioned it is more expensive but of a much higher quality so I would highly recommend reaching out to him if you are interested in pursuing that avenue.

Secondly that is a marketing company that some our our members have used at who will take care of your entire mailing campaign. The only requirement is there is a min of 200 mails required because they use the automated posting (USPS required 200 mails per project for bulk discounting).

Final suggestion from me on those struggling with MLS deals is not to always submit your lowest price on your first offer. In my (limited) experience I have found that going in with a more reasonable offer, having it accepted and negotiating down has worked for me. I submit my offers with a $100 option fee so after I get the property surveyed and inspected I will negotiate down from there also, worst case I lose $100 if it all falls apart. The seller is more likely to work with you because in their head they have an accepted contract and their house is "sold" in their opinion so they have probably been looking at their new house or dreaming of the money hitting their account. So they really don't want to lose that. I have never paid my initial accepted offer price at a closing and have always negotiated money off my initial offer. Another trick that I found that has worked well for me is paying a higher asking price and having a sellers credit towards my closing costs as this works great for 2 reasons. 1. The seller looks at the sale price and it seems closer to what they wanted and secondly I bring less money to the table by effectively rolling my closing costs into the mortgage payment. I have managed to get credits for 5k and 3k on my last two purchases without any resistance from the seller.

Anyway as I mentioned last night I know Eric would like to have a topic at events going forward so if anyone feels they would like to stand up and talk on a subject they have some knowledge on please reach out to Eric. I hope to see you guys at next months event and good luck getting some deals.

I'm so glad I was able to meet many of you last night. What a great community! Thanks to @Scott MacDonald for providing so much actionable info in the meeting and here. I look forward to visiting with more of you in the future. 

The attorney who has written about deeding to LLCs and due on sale clause:

and the same author about deeding to an LLC: 

You'll see he also has some great content on asset protection. 

Have a great weekend, 

I'm bummed I had to miss this one last night.  Was planning on making it but had a scheduling conflict come up last minute.  

hi I am just starting out and am looking for any information that I can get

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