SFR Buy & Hold Mixer - let's check out Brian's latest deal!

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Single Family Buy & Hold Mixer

It's been a while since we've opened up a Buy&Hold property to the BP community, but my friend Brian H. has volunteered to host at his latest acquisition in Brown Deer. If you are interested in SFR investing you should definitely use this opportunity to hear his thoughts on:

- Why he bought the property

- How his numbers look like

- What upgrades are worth the money and what to leave alone 

The format is much like a house warming party, no formal presentation, but take a look behind the scene, a great opportunity to network with other investors, get some ideas and enjoy a drink and good company. We may also have my favorite lender around. (Full disclosure: I am an investor and real estate agent in and around Milwaukee and will also be happy to chat) 

RSVP by clicking on the blue button on top of the post so we can prepare and have enough to drink! Cheers!

Thanks @Marcus Auerbach for organizing! Looking forward to seeing the usual faces and some new ones! 

Painters in now, hardwood floor refinishing later in the week/early next... apologies in advance on any fumes! :) 

@Daniel Hyman @Matt Paluchniak hope to see you guys!

Hey Marcus, 

When is this Buy & Hold Mixer?

Hope to see you soon :)

I heard that the last one was a good time!

@Marcus Auerbach Man!  I wish I could be there.  Will be in town next month if your putting another one together for November.  Sure it would be awesome.  All the best.  If you are doing a live stream let me know.

Okay, I just noticed the post is lacking some key words! So this is a single family rental and we are going to look a little bit into the numbers, discuss rehab/remodelling strategies and cost of different improvements and dealing with contractors. This property does not need extensive remodelling, but we will contrast it with a typical BRRRR deal. If you are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and are interested in single family rentals as a buy and hold this is definitly a great event for you. We will have some drinks, kick tires and talk shop. See you on Thursday!

@Dave Carpenter ? I want to hear more about the car wash endeavoring I read a few things on BP about, ha.

Brian, I'll see if I can get that in the calendar tomorrow night. Should be able to make it work.

Thanks Marcus and Brian for setting this up and sharing your stories/numbers.  It was great meeting everyone and these meetups are definitely motivating and inspiring.  The collaboration is clearly beneficial for everyone!  Looking forward to the next one!


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