Northern Virginia Meetup - Last Wednesdays of Month

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Hello Fellow Real Estate Professionals!

Who: Anyone interested in Real Estate

What: Meet-Up, Network and Education

When: 6:30pm on Wednesday October 25th, 2017 (the last Wednesday of each month)

Where: Wegmans in Woodbridge (second floor) at 14801 Dining Way, Woodbridge, VA 22191

Why: network, converse, share experiences, grow your business, learn more about your market

We are getting consistent and want to grow our network! Join us! We will be hosting the October meeting at Wegmans in Woodbridge, VA (14801 Dining Way, Woodbridge, VA 22191). We will be facilitating networking and conversation. PM or reply for more details or any questions. Bring your business cards. Excited to connect!

Thank you,



Hello I just moved here from Germany (active military) and I will be retiring soon. I am ready to jump feet first and look forward to meet other investors in the area. See ya at the next meeting!


Hey @Mark Pembleton ! Welcome to VA. Congrats on the pending retirement - thank you for your service. I began investing when I got out the Army, look forward to talking more about it next week!



Thanks for setting this up! I’ll see you guys then. 

Thank you, Ernest, for setting up this event - Looking forward to meeting you guys on the next monthly event. 

Thanks everyone for coming out.  I hope to see you guys again soon!

Great introduction meeting! Thank you everyone who made the time to come out - and for those that didn't we hope to see you next month.

We talked about 12-18 month goals in real estate, what would help us achieve those goals and how important it is to have a network!  Hope there was value for everyone who attended. We are developing next month's topics so feel free to drop some topics of interest in the thread.

A few topics carrying over will be building relationships with agents and wholesalers (if they answer the phone) and creative financing (HML, PML and friends) for starting out. Look forward to seeing everyone and more next month on 29 November at 6:30 pm!



Sorry I missed this one .. I look forward to attending the next meet up 

Hello Earnest I'm a new investor looking for that elusive first deal.  I'm also interested in wholesaling.  I look forward  to meeting you.  

Hey everyone! For those of you making out to talk RE tonight, please remember... NEW LOCATION

Keller Williams Realty

4310 Prince William Parkway

Woodbridge, VA 22192

The door auto locks, so please call or text 571-510-0151 KW external door is locked.

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