Airbnb Investments in Colorado

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Grab a drink and learn the laws and investment opportunities surrounding Airbnb in Colorado cities.

While some cities like Colorado Springs are open season for short-term rental investors, others like Denver require some creative workarounds. (And in some instances, you just can't do it at all.)

I'll discuss:
-- Cities that are friendly to Airbnb investment
-- Creative workarounds in Denver
-- Insurance products to protect you
-- Tax collections
-- City enforcement efforts

The event is FREE but please RSVP here on Bigger Pocket or register here .

Just a reminder to everyone that I'll be talking TOMORROW about Airbnb laws and investments in Denver, Colorado Springs, and other Colorado cities. 

Catch us two ways:

  1. Streaming live on our Facebook page starting sometime between 6 and 6:15. (Ooh, technology!)
  2. In person at the Capitol Hill Tavern, 1225 Logan St. (Parking can be difficult, so show up a bit early.

We'll discuss what you can do and NOT do with Airbnb and where the opportunities lie. Looking to house-hack? Or just buy a hands-off short-term rental? We'll address those issues, as well as insurance products you should consider to protect yourself.

Thanks to all of you who came from Denver, Colorado Springs and elsewhere for the Airbnb Investments in Colorado event last week. Great questions, good conversation, and a few beers. Never a bad night. 

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I know this post is a few years old but I am new, to bigger pockets and want to learn more about real estate investments

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