Grand Rapids REI Club

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  • 10/18/17 05:30PM
  • Gravity- 3210 Deposit Dr NE
  • Free

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Hey Grand Rapids investors! We are getting ready to have yet another REI Club meeting. Please join us to network and come get to know about the opportunities that being a member of our Club will afford you. Membership is no cost, but you must be an action taker, be wiling to share data and info, be into partnerships and peer mentoring instead of hiring coaches and guru's, and no scarcity mindsets allowed. What sets our group apart is we are a network of Clubs from around the Midwest and are working to interconnect all clubs to give you a strategic advantage of the largest (if not only) multi city club network around.

We currently have affilate clubs in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, and the Quad Cities with more cities to come on line in the works!

No worries if you are running a little late or need to leave early.

So join us and let's get to making money together!

This week Meghan McCallum will share the major takeaways from @J. Martin 's SF Bay RE Investing Summit! I suggest everyone consider attending this event next year, but I will cover a weekend's worth of brilliance in an hour or two. Let's see how the future trends, scaling your business, and investing in multi family properties looks from the perspective of REI greats like Kathy Fettke, J Scott, and Brian Burke and how to apply their insight in the Grand Rapids Market!

Ahhhh, thank you Meghan! Feeling GREAT! :-)

Hey @Meghan McCallum , it was great chatting  with you and the rest of  the investors at the GR meet up last night! There was some great interaction and I appreciate you setting up the event. As discussed, moving forward if you would like some assistance in running the Grand Rapids chapter please let me know. Shoot me a  message on BP or send me a DM.

It was a great meetup indeed. Thanks for putting it together.

Great meeting last night, had a great time meeting everyone who attended. Will definitely be attending more.

Sorry I missed it, when is the next REI meeting in Grand Rapids in Nov?

There are a lot of existing REI clubs in the Grand Rapids area attended by new and experienced investors!

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@Mark Krier

Hi all! I know its been long time no see! But....

It's here! It's here!!!! Today, Friday 8am tickets go ON SALE This is THE premiere REI networking conference. You all know how I LOOOOVE my networking!

May 11-12 we are bringing the best RE Conference to the Midwest!!! Early bird tickets are $225 and only the first 75 are at that price!!!!! We WILL sell out! Please share with friends and peers! I don’t want nay of you missing out on this opportunity!!

The plan to return to GR and stand up a resilient REI Club with interconnect-ability between the other Clubs is slated for April! Chicago just went live!

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