Landlording in Rhode Island

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Excited to share this event with everyone on BP in the Rhode Island and Southeastern MA region!

The Rhode Island Real Estate Investors Group will be hosting a 3-hour seminar at the Crown Plaza in Warwick focusing on Landlording in Rhode Island. This session will be geared towards beginner/intermediate RI Landlords - taught by local Landlords.

This seminar will be held on Saturday, November 18th from 9AM-12PM.

Sample topics include:

  • Identify resources to get your landlord questions answered
  • Outline Landlord responsibilities
  • Outline Screening techniques to weed out the potential problem tenants
  • Identify and access required landlord forms
  • How to fill your vacancies with desirable tenants
  • Managing vacancy and tenant turnover

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Hey @Jim Murray , thanks for posting the event. Excited to get hear from the presenters. I believe there may be a slight mistake in the invite. Your post states 11/18/2017 but the invite states 12/18/2017. Are there two events?

What a fantastic event! Unfortunately, I'm 5 months too late. Are you going to be doing an event similar to this anytime soon or are there any notes I could get access to from this last one? I'm currently a landlord in MA exploring potentially moving to RI and investing around the state.