Real Estate Investor Meetup - Des Moines IA

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  • 10/19/17 06:00PM
  • Des Moines Social Club 1st Floor, Gallery 1st Floor | 900 Mulberry St. Des Moines IA
  • Free

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How large a role does financing play in your real estate journey? ...a big one.How large a role does your lender play in your financing? …a big one.How large a role do relationships play in Real Estate? …a big one.A great relationship with your lender can have a huge impact on your business as a whole. One can argue to continually shop around for the best rates for each of your deals. But there’s also an argument that it may be good short term, but having a long term relationship, someone that can be a part of your team, can help your business.Join us as we talk to two commercial lenders as they talk about the ins and outs of the mortgage business and how it can help you. 

@Chase Keller  I am curious why you schedule this the same day/time as the monthly DM meetup that has been in place for a long time.  Might get some more participation if you aren't competing with another event.

Is there a future event in the Des Moines area that has been planned at this point?

@Travis Bennett

There will be more meetings. I believe @Chase Keller  does a monthly meeting with a speaker, there is an informal networking event that can be found at Iowa Tap that @Mitch Coluzzi and I help promote and then the IAREIA has a educational meeting (costs money) monthly as well. Tons of good networking and information at each event. Let me know what your interested in and I can send you more info. 

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