Real Estate Investment Meetup - Networking

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  • 11/30/17 06:30PM
  • Barley's Old City
  • Free

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I am putting together a meetup in the Knoxville area for the purpose of networking. It doesn't matter if you're new to real estate investing or if you're a pro, come hang out with us at Barley's in the old city. Network with experienced investors in the area and make new friends! Attorneys, real estate agents, brokers, mortgage brokers, or anyone else that wants to attend is welcome. There will be live music and great food too!

Nevermind, I am an idiot, if I would just read.... That sounds great!

Hey Zachary, we’re going to have the meet up Nov 30th at 6:30 pm so hopefully it will give everyone enough time to plan and clear a spot on their schedules. Also, hopefully it will give me enough time to convince all of my investor friends to show up. Ha

I hope you can make it!

Haha that’s fine, I do the same thing all the time 

Yeah I have family out that way and am looking for properties out there. Honestly I am just not seeing the value out there right now but I hope that an investor meet up will help link me to the right kind of people to see something a little different. I also have been on the usual internet haunts looking for active investors out that way and have been... we will say uninspired, by the lack of responses thus far. I am really excited to get some face-time with folks out there!

Heading into my 4th year as an agent.  Just relocated to Knoxville from Virginia Beach.  Been moderately successful as an agent, but my real interest is wholesaling.  Learning what I can from bigger pockets and googling. Hoping to make some new friends and contacts, and meet some folks with some experience and expedite my learning on the subject.

Dennis, I have been interested in doing wholesale myself but don’t really have the time right now to dedicate to make it successful. I did find some good info on YouTube, as always, and BP forums are great too. Of course networking is vital for creating those lists, I hope you can make it to the meetup! 

@Levi Graziano and @Dennis Ritchey As both of you mentioned your interest in wholesaling, you may want to attend the Knoxville Real Estate Investors Meeting - KnoxREIA. com - monthly meeting tomorrow night. The topic is "Wholesaling - What it is, is not, how to get started, and how to get paid." Additionally there will be a market update which will give you information to share at your networking meeting on Nov 30th.

@Levi Graziano Are you still doing the meetup? If so, I may join you this evening.

Thomas P. Yes sir, we’re still on for tonight at 630. Hope you can make it. 

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