Calling All Salt Lake City Investors

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  • 01/11/18 06:00PM
  • 7070 S 2300 E Salt Lake City, UT 84121
  • Free

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Are you looking to associate with a synergistic group of other like-minded Investors who are working to increase their portfolios? Would you like to come, learn, share and increase in your knowledge?  Join us as we begin this journey! 

And what group is this? Do you have a website for it? Or on meetup?

Hi, Devin, we are beginning a meetup, we don't have a website, but do anticipate that by our first meeting we'll have more details available. If you are interested we'll keep you posted. Thanks 

I'm very new to real estate and would be interested in attending future events. Unfortunately I'll be traveling during this 1/11 meetup. 

I’ll be there! Brand new to this real estate stuff but excited to connect. 


This will be my first meet up to ever attend for real estate! Looking forward to it!

I plan on being there! What's the actual venue- I know right where this is but there are a lot of businesses there- is it The Huddle like the other REI Utah meet up? Looking forward to it!

I am very interested. I am new to real estate as well. Unfortunately I work on Thursday night but will be switching to a day shift and will be able to attend this meet up at this time in the future. I am excited to meet and get to know all of you.

Scratch that. Just got it off. I will be there.

Sounds fun. I will try and make it. 

Sounds fun, I'll plan on being there to meet everyone!

I'm new to REI and BP but am very motivated with a goal in 2018 to acquire at least 3 rentals. Thanks for setting this up @Gary Thompson .  Looking forward to meeting everyone!  

I plan to attend.  I may bring my husband as well.  We would like to acquire at least two rentals this year, and do a fix and flip. 

Looking forward to it! Thanks for setting this up!

Hey all,

I'm on the same boat as many who have posted already. New to REI, looking to make my first deal in the next 3 months. Also looking to learn from other people and bounce ideas back and forth.

Excited to get started! See you all this Thursday

Miguel D.

Thanks for putting this together, we should be able to make this.

I will try to attend but can't guarantee though because I am already a SLREIA member. Welcome to all new REIs.

The Venu for tonight's meetup is 7070 S 2300 E, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Look for the sign on the door, there is a Re/Max Sign on the building, but we'll be in a meeting room down the Hall - Thank you!!  Gary  

for more information please call or text me at 801-821-9292

I'd love to come to a future event @Gary Thompson ! I am also very new to investing and interested to meet some of you and learn more. 

@Gary Thompson  just wanted to say thank you for organizing the meet up this past week. Great to meet all of you and I went and a lot during our time together. Thanks again and looking forward to next month!

We're very interested in attending the next meeting - Any idea when the next will be?

@Ben Little next meeting is on 8 February at 6 pm at Gary's office (7070 S 2300 E, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121).  I'll be out of town but will look forward to meeting you at a future meeting.

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