Nashville Investors Meet-Up

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Hi Nashvillians!

This last meetup was ROCKIN! I know I'm not the only one who had some fantastic conversations.

IN FACT--I sat next to someone who told me EXACTLY how to solve a title problem I was having. Not kidding! So there you have it: this meetup could possibly save you $50,000 in painful lessons!! (Or at least it did for me!)

This time around, like last time, everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves and their business, and let the group know what they're seeking to help their business grow.

I also have a veteran investor who has agreed to share some wisdom with us for 10-15 minutes or so.

Ultimately, the goal is for us to have a place to continue to expand our network of like-minded people, share opportunities, and encourage one another to continue pushing forward and expanding our thinking.

We have a space at the Crow's Nest reserved, and it is a WIDE OPEN invitation! Come on, come all and BRING FRIENDS!

Brian Bandas

CORRECTION!! This event will be on November 28


See you there!

Updated over 1 year ago

TUESDAY (not Wednesday)

Would LOVE to come to this. Putting in my calendar now

Sounds great. I’m a little farther north but would like to come down.

Can’t wait! Thanks for doing this!

Thanks for organizing - I'm in.
The 28th is a Tuesday, so it is then or Wednesday 11/29?

4 PM, Crow's Nest in Green Hills

Looking forward to it!

*interested in connecting with colleagues here on BP who are interested/active in the Middle TN RE market - send invite please

We will be there and are greatly looking forward to meeting everyone!

@Brian Bandas Just to confirm, this will be Tuesday, 11/28/17 @ 4:00PM, not Wednesday?

Waiting on solid confirmation of time/date, and I’ll be there, too!! I CAN bring my lady, right?!

Hello! I'm a current California resident who will be relocating to Nashville.  I'm looking to connect with RE investors as I will be purchasing property in the Nasvhille area soon.  And I look forward to meeting the group once I move to the area.  

Please feel free to message me if you are active in the RE market and are open to sharing your experience.  I'd love to ask questions of a local.

@Brian Bandas ,

Is Tuesday the 28th, or Wednesday the 29th?! I REALLY want to come meet folks, but I gotta know when to show up!

Hey everyone! I'm not sure what is wrong with my brain, and its inability to understand a calendar.

Please note:


@Avery Carl , @James Boyd , @Kelly Kormos , @Lucius Carroll , @Stephen Stepp , @Felipe Mejia , @Daniel Beaulieu , @Matthew Bolton , @Joel Harrison , @Samantha Fetta

So sorry for the confusion everyone! Hope you can all make it tomorrow evening! These will be happening every single month, and always on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of the month.

Will be there. Looking forward to it!

Really looking forward to connecting with everyone!

Will be there!  Thanks

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks again for setting this up Brian!

I'll be there! 

CRAP! I didn't see this was changed back to Tuesday. Keep me in the loop for the next one. How was it? 

Hey folks! FYI, just scheduled the next meetup for Tuesday, Dec 19 and posted the event. Same time and place--hope to see some new faces as well as old! This last week was awesome and they continue to get better!

Click here to see the new event page!

are there Nashville area meet ups currently ?

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