Investor Meetup in Mesa, Arizona

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  • 11/29/17 07:30PM
  • 3048 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85204
  • Free

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Hello everyone,

This will be our third meet up group in Mesa, Arizona this year. We have gotten about 20 to 25 people at each meet up group.

This time we will be talking about specific deals we have done this year from start to finish focusing on our buy and hold lease options. 

We will be going over specific numbers, and how we got those numbers. This should be great for new investors and investors who want to sharpen their skills. 

I will try to make it.  Gotta make sure I'm in town...

@John Pindar , you might be interested in this

Hey Arizona Bigger Pocket members!

I am semi new to Real Estate Investing and I am struggling to produce leads. If I come to this meet up in Mesa, would someone be willing to share with me their marketing strategies and how they produce the majority of their leads?

Also I am looking for a quality realtor that can provide me some help finding comps and sending me lists. Who would you guys recommend me reach out to? Which realtor do you guys use? Do you have multiple?


When is the event? I’m very interested.
Thanks so much!

@Bobby Cornelius , attending these meet ups are great places to net work and get to know other investors.  You could let everyone know what it is you are looking for to hear how people are getting their leads and which realtors work well with investors.

I look forward to seeing you there.

@Shiloh Lundahl

Looking forward to being there again. Thanks for the shoutout!

Hey Investors!

I know many of you mentioned being interested in finding deals, and I am looking to find a partner for a four plex plus SFH I am currently in the process of acquiring on the Phoenix/Glendale border. The cash required for the deal would be in the 165 to 185 range and the cash flow should be around 250 per month depending on the lending we can get. If someone has access to funds, the price is 495 plus 40 to 50 in rehab with a 625+ ARV. PM me if you are looking to partner on a great buy and hold opportunity!


Matt Dickens 

Just to Clarify, I am NOT looking to wholesale this if possible, and I can personally back the validity of the numbers.

Just a couple more days before the meetup. I’m really excited to share about a deal in Apache Junction that we are close to finalizing. With this deal we are getting paid up front, getting cash flow, and getting paid when we sell. Total estimated profit of about 160k with about $2400 invested for a week. I hope to see anyone there who can make it. @Paul G. , @Bob E. , @Wendy Black , @Chris Mayfield , @Carlos Gonzalez , @Ken Breeze, @Benjamin Kelly , @Ben Leybovich , @Jake Saliba , @Kellen Driscoll , @Sawyer Burnett , @Tim Esteban , @Dalton H. , @Cass Urschel , @Nichole Stohler , @Randy K. , @Bob Okenwa , @Doug McVinua , @Ken Min , @Matt Dickens , @Daniel Mclaughlin , @Justin Owens@Paul Santos , @Lucero Sanchez , @Ryan Moore , @Buddy D. , @Michael Merrill , @Gem Montero , @Kurt Granroth , @Joseph Haraszko , @Ronald Chandler , @Catherine Angle

I'm in. I heard you will have free copies of your lease option contract for the first 30 attendees :-)

@Justin Owens You heard an nasty rumor. But I will share with you where I got it from.

Is it too late to RSVP? I'm a new investor eager to network with those who are currently taking action. 

the suite number is 107.

The address is 3048 East Baseline Rd. Suite 107, Mesa, AZ 85204.

I attempted to attend this event. Unfortunately I got stuck in traffic and would’ve been about 15 minutes late. I drove in from 2 hours away only to find this address was in a large complex with no suite number for the event. I would like to make the next event. Can someone please provide the suite number to me if there is another event held at this location. Thanks. - Mike. 

Thank you to everybody who came to the investor meeting last night. 

@Shiloh Lundahl is this a commercial multifamily meetup or below 5 units and SFH? Can I find you on, if so, what's your group's name and do you meet monthly?

Thanks, Ken

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