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NOTE: THIS MEETING IS ON TUESDAY. We are changing our normal day to make our meetings easier for everyone. All are welcome.  Let's get together and network, chat about local Real Estate and link up with other clubs around the Midwest. Currently we have a club in Milwaukee, The Quad Cities, Madison WI, and Chicago. Our club is based on data sharing, partnerships, and finding others who don't believe in the scarcity mindset.

Our other clubs are really getting the members to take action and inspire each other at each meeting talking about successes and failures as we help each other along.

Tag another investor you know!

@Jackie Botham @Chris Pearson Gregory @Paul Leason  

Hope to see everyone looking to take leadership in the Club moving forward.

Tonight I'd like to talk about the direct effect of politics on our business. What it means today and in the future. We'll talk about Trump's plan to local political effect. See you tonight!

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Hey Meghan,

I had something come up and wont be able to make it tonight, will see you all at the next one though. safe travels

Hey, guys. I’m not going to make it tonight. I have to stay late at the Food Pantry. I am looking forward to next meeting! 

Also, can someone email me the meeting schedule? I actually just saw this today about the meeting tonight. Thx!

Hi everyone, 

I just moved to the Grand Rapids area. I was just wondering if there was any plan to get together this month? It would be great to connect with others in the area. 

Check out the West Michigan REI MeetUp coming next Monday night at Buffalo Wild Wings on 44th Street in Wyoming, from 6-8 p.m.ish. There are usually 50-75 investors in attendance.

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