November Meeting for REI "Flippers Field Trip"

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  • 11/11/17 12:00PM
  • Derry NH
  • Free

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Hello Friends,

I want to take a second to thank you all for coming to another greet REI meet and greet. I truly believe it's these connections with people that make the difference in success and failure.

As mentioned at the event we want to invite you to our “FLIPPPING walk thru” on Saturday November 11th at 12:00pm, starting at 154 Hampstead Rd Derry NH. This will be the first stop in our three property tour, each at a different stage of rehab. Come meet some of our vendors as we will do our best to answer any questions you might have, while talking you through our flip process.

Thanks so much @Joes Juan for setting this up! I've read a ton of real estate books, listened to over a hundred of the BP podcasts, watched a bunch of webinars, and this meetup was still one of the most informative things I've experienced so far. I really appreciate you and your team taking the time to walk us new guys through your properties and explaining exactly how you made everything work. It's been a huge help to my team, and a huge confidence booster. Looking forward to the next one!

Hey Joes I wanted to thank you for inviting us to your flips. It was very informative and insightful. Thank you to all of your partners and tradesmen for answering questions and being there as well. I look forward to the next meet you have.


Thanks for coming and for the advise! 

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