Lehigh Valley Investors Market Discussion

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  • 11/16/17 07:00PM
  • 40 South 5th Allentown PA 18101
  • Free

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Looking to pull together investors, soon to be investors, and any real estate junkies living and working in and around the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area for an open form discussion about the Lehigh valley marketplace. All are welcome whether you are just getting into this or been working in real estate for years. General Q&A will follow some specific topic discussion. Event hosted at The Business Community at 40 South downtown Allentown. Refreshments provided! Come with your stories and drive to keep growing!

1 single family rental owner here, would love to meet some A-town real estate junkies. Would like to know the dates and exact address where this is happening.

Will be busy that night but will attend follow up meetings!

When do you plan on hosting the event? I’m new to real estate investing and am looking to network with people to find a good deal on a multi unit rental.

I would be interested as well.

Interested in networking with others in the area.  Just getting back into the investing game after some years.  Is this meeting on the 16th still a go?

Thanks, Todd

Hey @Dan Royer@Brian Adzadi , and @Todd Forman we are still on for our meet up Thursday evening the 16th and will be located at the Forty South Business Community located at 40 S. 5th St, Allentown PA 18101.  Looking forward to seeing you all there! 

What time? I might stop by?

Sorry the Meet up info didn’t attach. 7-8:30pm. Post any topic discussions you would like to talk about!

@Justin Brown Saw the sign outside 40 S 5th the other day and tried to google the business name to figure out what kind of business it was. Website seemed like it was down.

Hey @Joe C the Business Community at Forty South is a new downtown Allentown Co-Working space that has a space to host our meet up. I made a plug for the co-working space over in the market space but I am part of getting it off the ground, its just getting started and thought it would be the perfect space to host this kind of event.  The website is currently a little sparse for content, but you can find it at fortysouthllc.com, hope that helps!

Any discussion topics people would like to cover next week? 

I will probably stop by. As far as topics I would be interested in... Good/Bad experiences with property management companies? What cap rates are other investors aiming for in the LV these days? Where are others finding their rental properties?  How hard it is to find good tenants in the area? Any information on market trends that might be helpful. Anything really! I'm working on my 2nd flip in Bucks county right now. After this I plan to turn my attention to finding my first rental property.  

Great last name @Sarah Brown looking forward to meeting you! Your working in a great area for filps! I would be happy to prep some good market analysis and we can definitely discuss peoples perspective on some of the other great topics you mentioned!  

Off market deals. Who's selling their portfolio? Multi-units. Wholesaling. 

Hey Gang! Wanted to try to get a better head count for finalizing our accommodations and refreshments. If you are 78.95% sure your coming if you could RSVP that would be awesome! Can't wait to see everyone there tomorrow! 

P.S. I got a new copy of @Scott Trench book "Set for Life" burning a hole in my backpack so come out and someone take it off my hands! 

Is there another one sometime soon? I think I missed it..

Yes we are planning another one between thanksgiving and Christmas! For everyone that was able to make it I apreciate you coming out, it was a great time! Looking forward to the next discussion! 

Hey @Justin Brown, I was in the property I have under contract yesterday and guess what I noticed. Your business card on the counter! Ha! Small world!

Sorry I didn't make it to the meet up. It was a rough week here. 

Sounds good. Thanks Justin!

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