Diversified Investors Group- South Philadelphia Rehabber’s Sub Group

February 26th, 2018

6:30-8:30PM 4th Monday of the Month

Location: Penrose Diner 2016 Penrose Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Educational Speaker: A. Jordan Rushie, Esq.

Topic is: Zoning 101

What is “zoning?”

• Zoning tells us where we are allowed to build

certain things, and what dimensions those

buildings must be.

• Would you want a factory next to your house? Or

a 15 story house ?

• City Council and City Planning Commission

determine how properties are zoned under the

“Zoning Code.”

Co Sub Group Leader: Joseph V. Scorese - 215-290-5108 - [email protected] Co Sub Group Leader: Chris Hvostal - 267-825-1192 -[email protected]