South Austin Area BiggerPockets Meetup

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  • 11/30/17 07:00PM
  • North by Northwest
  • Free

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Hey Fellow Investors:

Once a month meetup for those living in South Austin, Buda, Kyle, Dripping Springs, San Marcos or surrounding areas to discuss what they are doing, network with other like minded people and share ideas/projects. Moving this from the normal third Thursday of each month to the last Thursday due to Thanksgiving. We have had some great people show up and new ones are attending at each meetup. I look forward to meeting up with those who have attended and those who are new. PM me for more details or just to introduce yourself if you'd like.

North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery

Location: 5701 W Slaughter Ln D, Austin, TX 78749

Private Room to Be Announced (Likely Yukon Room)


@Madelyn N miser could we reserve a room for this meetup? Maybe the Yukon room again? Can reserve under the name BiggerPockets.

Thank you, we will be there! Cant wait to meet everyone!

I’ll be there! I’m actually planning on closing on an investment property that day so I’ll be in a good mood!

@Eric Barnett , thanks for the heads up.  I won't be able to make it, but have a great meeting!

Hi all,

I'm actually brand new to investing and new to BP. I'm living in Gtown, but glad to see a meetup is supported in the area. See everyone on Thursday.


Chris Henderson

For tonight we can do a round table like discussion. If anyone has a deal they are considering but want a second opinion on it we can talk about that or just general Q&A where others can provide input. See everyone tonight.

When you get to NWNW let the hostess know your with the BiggerPockets meetup. Hope to see you guys there!

Hey everyone,
When is the next meet up? I’d love to get involved.

any updates on next meet-up?

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