This hands-on, step-by-step Show-and-Tell training session is your chance to sit down in a small group with Neal "Mr. Apartment" Bawa and actually see him pull back the curtain and work his magic! He will show how he and his company find, market and manage multi family properties all over the US!

You'll find no slide deck with superficial teaser information at this 90-120 minute session! It's a true a workshop with a show-and-tell format where Neal actually shows how his company finds deals in real time.

He will also provide detailed information on how they market to tenants and how they find and manage find property managers. There is also information on you can get involved and eventually become a Multifamily promoter yourself, if that is a path of interest.

The attendees will also get to see, in real-time, how their staff in the U.S., India and the Philippines runs their apartment complexes with efficiency and control, at a cost lower than that of competitors.

Neal will show you some of their running marketing campaigns and how they funnel leads into our apartments. Neal will also show how they specifically target smartphone users so they can market to them using text and email, and accelerate the leasing cycle.

Finally, you will see how our continuous audits force our property managers to stay on top of their employees, expenses and tenants, and expose their weaknesses.

We are convinced you'll be AMAZED at how Neal and his team leverage technology and outsourcing to bring innovation and efficiency to an otherwise pretty stagnant industry!

This Show and Tell session is a SMALL GROUP session held on a Sunday. It’s 90-120 minute session.

*** = This event is on a Sunday morning and we want to keep it limited to a small number of seats so everyone can get the most out of it. We want to make sure that all chairs go to people who really want to be there. And, because RSVP vs. Show-ups are notoriously hard to predict we have decided to charge a $25 non-refundable RSVP fee. In the spirit of the season all proceeds will be put into a account where they will benefit people that need loans even more badly than you do! Check out more about the micro loans uses to change lives here.

Also note that this same day at 1PM there is a separate BONUS event called "Commercial Investing 101" that is put up by and hosted by RE/MAX. This separate RE/MAX event is FREE to all VIG members who RSVP here

This presentation has received rave reviews from past attendees.

Attendee Pradeep Gandhi said "Neal held nothing back. He shared all. Neal's view point: more knowledge is better than less.".

Attendee member Wilson Tandiono remarked "Neal is very knowledgeable and takes a pragmatic approach to investing in multi-family. He shared a bunch of resources he used to source and manage his properties. While we only had time to cover a few key topics, I left with a lot of insightful and actionable information."

Attendee Christy Brock said "Great Meetup! 2 hours was not enough. Neal could have easily spent 2 hours on each of the topics we discussed. A wealth of knowledge shared!"


  • 10:00AM - Neal Bawa will start his Show and Tell.
  • 11:30 to 12:00 Questions and discussion.
  • 12:00 - Feel Free to continue to network unsupervised off-site at the many restaurants and coffee shops in the area...
  • Also note that this same day at 1PM there is a separate event called "Commercial Investing 101" that is put up by and hosted by RE/MAX. This is a RE/MAX event that is FREE to all VIG members who RSVP.

  • 1:00PM - RE/MAX workshop "Commercial Investing 101" by RE/MAX's Antonio Gamero. RSVP Separately for this one.
  • 3:00PM - Feel Free to continue to network unsupervised off-site at the many restaurants and bars shops in the area...

  • About the Speaker - Neal Bawa:

    After gaining over 17 years of revenue (P&L) experience as the senior-most executive in a California education company with over 350 employees and $40MM in revenue. Neal retired after 17+ years of service to pursue a Real Estate career full time.

    Neal owns and manages an extensive real estate single family and multifamily portfolio in 5 U.S. States. He teaches Multifamily education seminars to over a thousand students a year.

    He is the COO of Financial Attunement Inc. where he leads the company’s Operations group and is driving the syndication and acquisition of MultiFamily properties.