Multi-Family Meetup - Charlotte, NC

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  • 12/07/17 05:00PM - 03:30AM America/New_York
  • Draught Restaurant & Bar, 601 S Cedar St Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
  • Free

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Multi-Family Investing Meetup - I am looking to network with local investors who are currently investing in or looking to begin investing in the multi-family market locally or beyond.   Discussion topics will include but not be limited to  deal analysis, local market trends, national market trends, and capital raising.

*Beer will be provided.    

When and where I’d love to get some insight on the multi family investing space

I am very interested but not sure I can make it at 5pm on that date.  If it ends up starting later or continuing on for a couple of hours I will try to make it.  If not, I'll see you at the next one.

Definitely interested and will attend if we can get a group together for this.

I would love to attend!

Count me in! I'm always eager to network and learn. 

Looking forward to meeting up with everyone. I’ll be stopping by around 6 after getting off work in Uptown. 


Can't make it as I will be in Atlanta for a work trip at that time, but please let me know if this becomes a regular thing.

Also, I noticed that you are doing some flips in the Charlotte area and are looking for properties. I currently live in the Collingwood/Madison Park area where there are many flips happening. I walk/run through the neighborhoods regularly and talk to the older neighbors. It is a hot spot. Please reach out if you would like to discuss more as I am looking to learn more. 

@David Wales I cannot get your link to work and it seems others may not be able to either. Can you please post the date, time, and location in text format for us to see?

Event details below.  
  • 12/07/17 05:00PM - 06:30PM
  • Draught Restaurant and Bar (behind BOA Stadium)
    • 601 S Cedar St Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

@David Wales I would like to attend this event. I’m following the discussion now but are you planning to confirm closer to the 7th?

Thank you for coordinating this!

David, I'll be there. I'm from the Waxhaw area so not local but I'd like to hear and discuss what is happening in Charlotte with regard to multi-family investing. I'll pass on the beer but look forward to networking especially considering I'm new to real estate investing.

Kind Regards,

I would love to join as well.
Thanks for putting it together!

@David Wales I'd love to attend but will not be in town please let me know when the next meeting happens.

Thanks for organizing!

I will attend but will come in from Columbia so if something changes please let me know

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend as I have a final and work that night. Let me know if/when you do another one.

I wish this could start a little later, but I will keep an eye out if you are to host another opportunity!

Would love to make it, but I cant make it at 5pm. If this started at 6 - 6:30, I would be there! Maybe next time!

Would love to attend, currently have plans that afternoon though so I’ll be looking for info on the next one! @Benjamin Levite

I will be attend this event. I may be a little late because I work in Mooresville, and will be heading that way around 4. Hopefully the traffic won't be bad...

@David Wales, thank you for setting this up. I'm excited to network and learn!

Not available today but interested in your next session - regards all dw

I won't be able attend this event but look forward to making it out to one's in the future. Thank you for putting these on!

Hey everyone I had a late appointment at work this evening.  I regret O will not be able to attend but hope to in the future!

Looking forward to meeting several of you tonight. I will be there about 7pm. Hopefully most of you will still be there. 

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