Nashville Investor Meet-Up

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  • 12/19/17 04:00PM - 07:00PM America/Chicago
  • Crow's Nest in Green Hills - Upstairs, 2221 Bandywood Dr Nashville, Tennessee 37215
  • Free

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What's up Nashville people! (And surrounding areas, of course... : )

This is the fourth Nashville investor meet-up at Crow's Nest in Nashville. We're gaining steam, and I know that I personally have been able to make some really cool connections, meet some people who I have been able to learn from and who I hope to end up doing some deals with.

The focus of this event is networking and relationship building. If you are convinced, like I am, that building relationships with like-minded people to help push you forward toward building financial independence and generational wealth is crucial, then this is your spot.

If you hate people--you'e probably not going to like this event... ha!

This time around, like last time, everyone will have a chance to introduce themselves and their business, and let the group know one thing they're seeking to help their business grow.

Every month, I'm considering how to improve this event, and as it continues to grow and gain steam, I think we will continue to refine it as we discover what things are most helpful to us as a group.

HUGE thanks to all of those who came out the last 3 months. Please let your friends know, who are interested in building wealth through real estate. It is absolutely a Come One Come All event!

I look forward to meeting new people, and gaining even more knowledge that I will apply to building up my business.

**No exaggeration, I've already had one conversation (at the second meet-up) that helped me solve a title problem that probably saved me around $50-60k!**

That's the beauty of putting yourself around other, like-minded people!

See you all there!

PS. I'm thinking this group needs an official name. Feel free to float me some ideas in the comments!

Congratulations on the success of your meetup. We just had our first BP meetup here in Knoxville Nov. 30th and have scheduled the next one for Dec. 27th. I will try to make one of your meetings sometime soon and of course anyone in Nashville wanting to break into the Knoxville market is welcome to come to our meetup!

Thank you @Brian Bandas for organizing this meetup!  Michael and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent networking with everyone!  It's so neat to get to be in a room with that many people from all different positions and levels of experience in real estate.  Each and every person has an opportunity go grow and to help others do likewise.

We greatly look forward to seeing everyone again (and new faces too) on the 19th!

@Brian Bandas

I'm going to miss the next few until I retire from the Marine Corps, then expect to see me every month starting in March.

I really appreciate you putting this together @Brian Bandas . Met great like-minded people last week! Definitely looking forward to the next one. 

Hey all, just want to make sure I have this correct. The meet up is December 19th @ Crow’s nest??

Darn it...I want to attend but just realized we have concert plans...

Looking forward to the next one!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

What time is this today?

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