Informational Fix & Flip Networking "Prehab" at Boston Project!

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  • 12/05/17 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
  • 71 Liverpool St East Boston, Massachusetts 02128
  • Free

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Hi folks!

We had an incredible meeting in Chelmsford at our finished rehab - even had a previous seller stop by to praise us on what we do. Gave us another "high" for the month. 

THIS project, is a 3-family condo conversion, in good old Eastie. East Boston has been super hot in the past couple years. We purchased this project back in Feb of 2017, but due to an issue with a TENANT in the first floor (we're happy to review the details with you on site!), we could not even begin the project until NOW.

Come check out the "BEFORE" - we'll schedule an after in the next 4 months! Roofdecks are SWEET.

Come check it out, ask questions, provide feedback, and meet other local rehabbers, developers, wholesalers & agents!

Yes - AGENTS also definitely welcome! Find out how we can double your commissions in the next year!

PARKING: You are allowed to park along Liverpool on the side of the street, anywhere that doesn't have a "Resident Only" sign. Arrive early if possible, to avoid parking issues.

There's NO SELLING at this event, just information and networking.

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Hi Jared, it was nice to meet you yesterday. I can't wait to receive the book (The Power of Zero). Thanks God for Amazon's two day shipping! If I can help in anyway, please reach out.

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