H.I.T.(Houston Investment Team) Houston's Inner Loop B.P. Meet Up

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  • 01/17/18 06:00PM - 07:30PM America/Chicago
  • Frontier Title Company is allowing us to use their office, 1177 West Loop South Suite 1350 Houston, Texas 77027
  • Free

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H.I.T (Houston Investment Team) is a central (inner loop) meet up for Houston Texas.  The name H.I.T. was born out of the foundational idea that Bigger Pockets promotes and that is being helpful to one another and being a "team" to each other as we embark on or further our real estate investment journey. 

This meet up is for the newbie and the distinguished investor as we all have things to gain and learn from each other.

Our first bi-weekly meet up will be held at the Frontier Title Company office where I close my deals.  They graciously allowed us to use their fantastic office and conference room with views of downtown and memorial park.  Their won't be any sales pitches, guru bs, or items for sale.  This is purely a meet up for like minded people looking to share and grow with and through others.

We will have lite bites, beer, wine, and other drinks. 

Our first speaker will be Matthew Gullo.  Matthew is a licensed Realtor and architect in the state of Texas with a passion for real estate sales, investing, and design. He teaches real estate classes to new realtors and will be diving into the mindset required and tactics to generate leads for your investment business.

I am interested in attending!

I am interested in attending as well

@Tanner Carson @Kevin Gee please come. I know it will be valuable for you to meet other like minded people. This kind of event is what keeps you motivated and sticking to your plan(s). Have an excellent NYE and see you in a few weeks.

1st meet up in 2018!! I'll be there.

I’m going to check it out. I assume I will find it on the Meetup app. See you guys there

I might have to check this out. Newbie here and looking for my first deal by the end of March 18'. 

@Kay Mends   @David Olson  Look forward to having you at the event.  It's going to be fantastic and will be better with you both there.  

Newbie here too, I can't wait to meet everyone.

More than excited to meet some like minded people. This will be my first meet up in Houston. I am looking forward to it! Count me in.

Originally posted by @David Olson :

I might have to check this out. Newbie here and looking for my first deal by the end of March 18'. 

 David, I am in the same exact situation! I plan on having my first deal in the works by the end of 2018's first quarter. I look forward to meeting you along with everyone else

Damn.  Can't make this meet-up.  Is this a monthly gig?  

@Michael Anderson we look forward to having you at future events. This is our first one and we will likely be bi-monthly or at a minimum monthly.

Hey Matthew, just checking in to see if there any changes to the schedule with these "wintry" conditions? Thanks!

@Scott Englebert I’m considering it. I wanted to see what the forecast was for tomorrow. I’m already stir crazy from today. I will make decision and send out a notification in the morning.

@Matthew Gullo , are the plans still up for today or will it get postponed due to the forecast?

Thanks for organizing this, regards.

We are still on tonight!  I’ve been on the roads today. A few spots may still be an issue but for the most part things are clear and the show must go on :).  Please check your route(s) and be safe. I-10 is good. 610 near the event is okay as well. 

@Marco Briceno @Scott Englebert

Glad to see this is still on, we will see everyone there!  

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