St. Louis REI Happy Hour!

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  • 12/28/17 05:00PM - 07:00PM America/Chicago
  • Heavy Riff Brewing - beer, food, and parking!, 6413 Clayton Ave Saint Louis, Missouri 63139
  • Free

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A group of us have been getting together once a month since August to talk real estate, and we wanted to open our meetup to more people! Join us if you'd like a fun, informal way to meet and chat with other investors of various experience levels in the St. Louis area. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Hey Megan might wanna change the location at the top from New York to St. Louis?

Hmmm... that definitely had Chicago as the time zone when I first posted, and I have no idea how to change it back. But I'll look into it... thanks @Donald S. !

For anyone reading this thread, please be advised this is a St. Louis event and the meet time is 5pm Central!

- Saint Louis


I am leaving town that day but do look forward to the next event and meeting some new people, especially in a smaller group.  Is there an email list that I can get on to stay up to date?  Thanks for organizing!

Hello @Megan Greathouse

Your last name is Greathouse?!? How awesome is that for a Real Estate Investor. AND you're a Marine.. very cool.. I am a Marine as well. Would love to attend this or a future social hour.  I am looking to expand / network outside of my current market here in Central Illinois and I'm in St. Louis area a few times a year. And who doesn't love some real beers. I'll send you my info!

This sounds awesome. I'm liking all of these real estate meetups that have been happening around St. Louis. Sadly, I'm heading out of town on the 28th but I'll  be at the next one.