South Austin Area - Real Estate Meetup - January 18th

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  • 01/18/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Let Hostess know you're with the real estate meetup, 5701 W Slaughter Ln D Austin, Texas 78749
  • Free

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Real estate meetup for those of us in the South Austin area that would like to discuss past successes and any questions with others who may have done similar projects in the past. Typically we talk about real estate in the Austin area and surrounding area.  Previously, we have had table discussions and ran ideas by one another but we are working to get speakers to come in and give short presentations on different topics. I look forward to seeing those that have attended and meeting new attendees as well. Please PM with questions or for additional information.


@Madelyn N miser do you think we could reserve a room at NXNW for Jan 18th from 7-9? Hope to get a good headcount before then.

Thanks Eric.  

Happy New Year!

I'll plan to attend the February meet us as I've committed to attend the Austin Real Estate Network Club that same night in north Austin.  

Would be interested in Feb as well. I live in south austin and has most of my rentals in this area.

I look forward to seeing everyone and talking about ideas and current projects. I have been working to have speakers come in and am working to have this set up for February meeting. 

Do you have this meetup on

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