Investor Meetup in Mesa, Arizona

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  • 01/17/18 07:30PM - 08:30PM America/Phoenix
  • 3048 E Baseline Rd, Ste. 108 Mesa, Arizona 85204
  • Free

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This will be our fourth meet up group in Mesa, Arizona.  We have gotten about 15 to 25 people at each meet up group.

This time we will have a special guest speaker, either one of our hard money lenders that we use, our banker, or our contractor share their part in the process of flipping properties or doing buy and hold deals.

This will be a great meet up to start off the year and get to know other investors and get great contacts to add to your investing team.

@Stone Jin Please don't take it personally, I went through my colleagues list from page one to ten and thats where you were listed.  I would take up the complaint with BiggerPockets and tell them you want to show up first on everyone's list of colleagues that you're connected with.  

But just so you know, in my heart, you're listed first.  I hope that helps.

I’m excited for everyone to come to this meetup this Wednesday. We have confirmed with one of our hard money lenders. He will be there to share about the process he pays in helping real estate investors grow their business. My partner and I will also be sharing about a few of the deals that we finished and lease optioned towards the end of the year.

You won’t want to miss it. There will be some sandwiches and treats and great networking opportunities.


thanksfor hosting this event! It was great information, learning, and networking! Wish I had a bit more staying power to get to know a few more that were able to go. 

Thanks everyone for coming. This was our 4th meet up and they seem to be getting better each time. We will be having another meetup in February where my CPA will be going over taxes while being a real estate investor. I hope to see you there.