CNY Real Estate Investors Monthly Meetup - 1st Tues - 7pm- 2/6/18

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  • 02/06/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Meet in the Lobby Bar - "WXYZ Lounge", 310 W. Kirkpatrick St Syracuse, New York 13204
  • Free

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Hello Fellow BP'ers!

Our last monthly CNY RE Investors Meetup was held on 1/2/18 at Aloft Inner Harbor in Syracuse and attendance was a little light due to post holiday burnout. Regardless, 2018 is still young and primed for success! As many people in this area know, this time of year is a great time to get an investment deal so let's take advantage of it!

Our next meetup is on Tues 2/6/18 at 7pm again at the Aloft Inner Harbor, as it's been great for the conversational style of this networking meetup.

As always, there is no fee to attend other than a willingness to share what you know or have learned with other investors and learn from them what you may not know. Our intent is to make everyone more successful in the region and by trading knowledge we all can do more deals!

Please join us and bring along any other investors with this same mindset. Also, please share any recent happenings for your REI journey, whether new deals, possibilities or goals in the next few months or year.

See ya there!

Funny that i just found this! I have been to a few of the "other" meetups and was looking for something much less formal with the ability to network some more! Looking forward to this!

@Peter Bardou - Hey Peter!  Glad to have you join us! It's low key and casual to encourage networking over "selling" or attending a "lecture". I like networking the best and learning from others so I'm not reinventing the wheel! Look forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

I am a new to investing and am currently saving for my first property. I have never owned real estate and am looking at purchasing my very first investment property mid to late this year. I would love to connect with other investors and network. There is a lot I need to learn. I look forward to seeing everyone at this event. 

@Christopher Andrews - No worries Chris! Everyone is welcome to come and has been in your position so I think you'll find it helpful. Look forward to meeting you there!

Im from Bath NY. I dont think theres a closer meet up for me. If possible I will attend!! Im new but have done one deal-learned early on all of the mistakes to NOT make. And am soon going to do my second-a house hack. 

@Nicole Frawley - Hey Nicole! I'm not sure there's a closer one either but certainly not with the same BP intent as ours. Will be great if you can make it...mistakes to avoid advice is always welcome! I'm looking to do a house-hack in the next few months so will be good to discuss that as well.  Looking forward to meeting you!

Hey I should be able to make this.  I mostly flip here in Syracuse area and a less formal meetup sounds like fun.

Hey Rob, sorry I didnt make it to the last meeting. I plan on being at the February meeting

@Rob Sawyer   Have you put this on  May be able to draw a few more people?  Just a thought if attendance is low

Whos going to this?  I plan on going

Hey Dave - I'll see you there this evening.  Several have said they're going to come so should be a good meeting.

Haven't put it on Meetup yet.  I founded a Veteran group (CNY Vets & Military) on there and sponsor it myself.  Might do the same with this but just haven't yet. 

Was curious when the next meet up will be? I would love to attend!

@Chris Madden - Hey Chris!  Our next meeting will be on March 6th, all other details remain the same, and we look forward to meeting you!



Hello all,

Really hoping there's a meetup in July. I've been working so much I haven't have time but if anyone has an idea about when the next one would be and if I'm able to come, please let me know. Thanks!!

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