After discussing with several local investors, it was clear there was a great group of local individuals interested in making something happen in the Real Estate World of Investing. Yet... there are limited resources (dare I say no) outlets for ACTUAL, down to earth, learning and networking WITHOUT the agenda focused, membership fee based, overwhelming-pressure-of-making-a-sale overtones.

This group was established to NETWORK AND SUPPORT LEARNING, whether you are reading your first book, flipping part time, or a full-time professional... come grab a few drinks, chat, ask questions, exchange contact information, etc. 

This event is 100% FREE and open to everyone, without any sponsored sales pitch nor sideways promotion. Truly just good ole fashioned networking with like-minded folks. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn! 

Hope to see you there.


For more information and re-occuring updates:  please consider following us on Meetup at this link!  It's absolutely free to you and is used solely to keep folks up-to-date with location, time, and venue.