The Real Estate Den (Deals, Education & Networking)

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  • 01/27/18 09:00AM - 11:00AM America/Los_Angeles
  • FLDWRK, 270 Baker St E Costa Mesa, California 92626
  • Free

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The Real Estate DEN allows investors to grow in their personal and financial goals through real estate without the sales pitch. Each meeting will embody 3 key elements:

1) Deals: Successful real estate investors do lots of deals. The DEN connects new and seasoned real estate professionals with a variety of exceptional real estate opportunities. Bring your deals and be prepared to give a short introduction on what you're offering.

2) Education: Successful real estate investors are always learning. The DEN provides a platform for investors at any experience level to learn the best strategies from subject matter experts. Bring your note pads and pens because you're guaranteed to learn something new.

3) Networking: Successful real estate investors have massive networks. The DEN helps investors form new beneficial partnerships, joint ventures, profitable transactions and along the way you might just make some new friends. Bring your business cards and shake lots of hands, this is an opportunity to form new strategic alliances.

1) Introductions: 10 min
2) Share Your Deal: 5 min
3) Topic of the Month: 15 min
4) Open Group Discussion: 30 min
5) Networking: 60 min


270 Baker St E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
"Lit by wide open skylights, brushed with neutral earth tones, and decked with intentional detail, FLDWRK Costa Mesa falls somewhere between warehouse chic and simple elegance. Designed to limit distraction and encourage collaboration, we've curated this space to be a perfect fit for the young, motivated start up, the experienced CEO and everyone in between."

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