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  • 01/25/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Kitzie's Resturant , 1545 Rock Cliff Dr - Kitzie's Resturant Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401
  • Free

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We have set up a local Martinsburg Real Estate Investor Networking get-together. Our first meeting will be Thursday JANUARY 25 @ 7PM. Please feel free to respond to this post and let me know if you are interested in joining us for the first meeting in Martinsburg. The meeting will be held by myself and another local investor. I am a Investor RE agent / Wholesaler / Landlord of multiple Martinsburg Properties. I hope we get a great response. At the very least the goal will be to build some friendships and knowledge partnerships to help everyone achieve their Real Estate Goals. Please let us know if you have any interest or plan to attend.

I will be there along with another person

I will be interested in attending the next meet-up.

Hey We are moving this meetup to the Holiday Inn at 300 Foxcroft Ave Martinsburg WV. Next Meeting will be 3-8-18 from 7 to 9 pm More info here :

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